Biography of Elsbeth Yvonne Bieber / Schwab / Schaper

February 3, 1889 to June 9, 1962

Written by her son, Peter Wolfgang Schaper


In order to fully appreciate the extraordinary person Elsbeth Yvonne Schaper was during her lifetime it is necessary to understand a few facts about the world into which she was born and which influenced her development as a human being. At the end of the 19th Century a map of Germany included a Province of Posen in Prussia and in that province ...

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Introduction to Biography of a House in Berlin

My famous grandfather, Fritz Schaper, realized, as he was approaching the age of 50 that he needed a work space that was larger than anything he could reasonably rent. He was also beginning to think that he would like to have a close family around him. One of his good friends was the architect Kayser and he built a house for Fritz that would meet both requirements. This villa in the Tiergarten district of Berlin stood as a remarkable edifice ...

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