Oakdale Cemetery Grave Monument in Memory of the Schaper Family

Memorial Grave Site Peter Schaper Family
Memorial Grave Site for the Immediate Family of Mary and Peter Schaper

In the Crematory Section of the Glendora, California Oakdale Cemetery stands a family gravesite dedicated to memory of the immediate Schaper family in the USA. Peter emigrated to the USA as the only survivor bearing the Fritz Schaper family branch and was determined to carry on the Fine Arts tradition of this great German sculptor in Peter’s new homeland. The memorial is intended to record the intent Mary and Peter Schaper had to preserve the names of their offsprings which provided them with much great joy and real purpose during their 59 years of happy marriage. Interred at this Memorial will be the remains of Mary and Peter and two of their offsprings, Michael and Janet. Memorialized in a special plaque are the names of the four remaining direct descendants.

As the inscription on the headstone states, both Mary and Peter were dedicated in trying to perpetuate the German tradition of contributing to the Fine Arts of sculpture, painting, music and related forms of modern human communication. This memorial then is a continuation of the Honor Grave of the famous Berlin sculptor, Fritz Schaper and his immediate family. At the time of this writing the plan for eventual additional plaques to be added to the one in the above picture are as shown below.  Only future generations can judge to what extent Peter and Mary’s dreams have been realized by accessing the website cited on the central plaque.

Proposed final layout of plaques
Proposed final layout of plaques on the gravestone

Honor Grave for the Schaper Family in Berlin, Germany
Honor Grave for the Schaper Family in Berlin, Germany


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