Kaiser in Studio

I just recently found a translation I did a few years ago of a famous article written by my cousin Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann for the German newspaper Das Reich. It has been around the internet for a while, but, to the best of my knowledge, never in English. Elisabeth described life in her famous grandfather’s, Fritz Schaper’s, house. It should be of interest to descendents of this famous sculptor. Please take some time to read this and see if you agree. ...

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Prologue to Wolfy’s Tales

Growing up in the Buchenstrasse

PWS-Birth-Announcement-1928On June 13, 1928 my father, Wolfgang Schaper, announced to his family my entering this world in this rather novel manner, stating that “I am present!” in the apartment in Berlin, near the family home built by my grandfather. It was just a few months after this event that we moved ...

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